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Change is external : transition is internal : lust is just a wanting.

Many people go through pleasure & pain..

Exercise can work, beater=blocks are old-hat, true medical advice can cost the earth …. use some self-talk briefly..

Refreshed > >    >  think of a small triangle that can grow over time – it involves a few laterals , a bit of space…

& a swift refocus…  Any concise retort, will be consider & despatched. thx


2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Link

    • Dear Eddie,
      this brave new world we live is strange ! Our children are growing up in over-protected environments; living for
      the next game release. Luckily we remember, the fun you enjoyed to the streets ! Now de Volk only go on the street
      to march or riot. guten gluck (sorry for the pigeon german) with the decorating !
      I have an Angel who gave me a shortcut pls. spread the word
      Sport is good for all cultures, (Classes – UK) Things will have to change @trainingplan tweet me happy ?

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